Gun vs Gods

Gun vs. Gods is an RPG-featured, first-person shooter game in an open world.

Developed for iOS first and then Android. A PC version (Mac, Windows) is expected to be released.


During the 21st century, gates in space suddenly appeared worldwide, connecting the Earth with a mythical world. Countless mythological creatures came down to Earth, including some entities claiming to be gods. The dark gods wanted to rule this new land and enslave the people here, so the war between humanity and the gods broke out.

The war destroyed almost the entire world. Many gods died, the rest fell asleep, and the civilization of humanity was destroyed.

One thousand three hundred eighty-seven years after the great battle, a warrior awakened from his hibernation on a secret base. Ancient humanity had failed but still left the seed of hope: a plan to overthrow the dark gods. This warrior was the critical element of that plan.

Players can take on this warrior to overcome difficulties and complete his mission.

Take a peek

In-game story

Build your base, develop the modern weapons

Cute NPCs and their own stories

Epic battles

There are many gun types to play

Summon spirit - a trusted partner who will fight beside you

An open world with many secret locations